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We Are Your Favorite.

Everyone has a need, but we know about your need so Esanshe is your favorite collection. We are every time with you, your needs are like our needs.


The journey of Esanshe Fashion began in the year of 2012, The Passion of Mom has been doing tailoring and she started at home. After the success of tailoring with customer feedback, we started Esanshe Fashion and launched its online store in 2023. Today our product & and service go through south India and now set a new benchmark for customer satisfaction every day.

about us | esanshe fashion

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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What's Special About Us

Customized Women's Clothing

12 Year of Legacy

A long-standing business often implies a strong relationship with customers. Repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations may have contributed to the success and sustainability of our tailoring legacy.

Customization & stitching

Tailoring is often synonymous with customization. Our legacy involve a dedication to creating unique, personalized garments that reflect the individual style and preferences of each customer.


With over a decade of experience, our tailoring business is likely known for its expertise in creating high-quality, well-fitted garments. Our team have mastered various tailoring techniques and styles.


The fashion industry is ever-changing and dynamic. A successful tailoring legacy suggests that you've been able to adapt to these changes, offering both classic styles and staying current with modern fashion preferences.

Fast Fashion for You

In the modern era, an online presence is crucial. Our legacy may include a strong and well-maintained online presence, allowing you to reach a wider audience and cater to customers beyond your physical location

Training and Development

Our business has been around for 12 years, we may have mentored and trained new generations of tailors, passing on the skills and knowledge that contribute to our legacy.

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